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First 'Cogenitor' Plot Details

By Caillan
February 11, 2003 - 12:59 AM

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Sources today revealed the first information on the twenty-second episode of Enterprise's sophomore season, entitled 'Cogenitor'.

In the episode, the NX-01 reportedly encounters a ship belonging to a never-before-seen alien race, known as the Vissians. While the two vessels are docked, Trip meets with one of the Vissians, known only as the Cogenitor. As the name implies, the Cogenitor's sole purpose in life is to produce children. Despite this pivotal role in Vissian society, the Cogenitor is treated like a second-class citizen for one reason only - his gender is different.

Disgruntled by the way the Vissians treat the Cogenitor, Trip takes it upon himself to teach him to read. The engineer tries to convince the Cogenitor that he has just as much potential as the other Vissians, only he has not been allowed the same opportunities. The Cogenitor displays amazing aptitude for reading, and Trip encourages him to broaden his horizons - to study history and science, to go swimming in the ocean and climb mountains. The Cogenitor is so grateful to Trip that he even names himself Charles after the engineer.

Trip's efforts don't go unnoticed by the Vissians, and he is forbidden to return to their ship. T'Pol chastises the engineer for jeopardising Captain Archer's chances of carrying off a successful first contact. However, the situation is complicated when the Cogenitor boards Enterprise and asks to stay with Trip...

Please note that this information comes from an early, incomplete draft of the script and details will likely change before the episode goes to air. Also please be aware that this information has not yet been confirmed by Paramount Pictures and until such time you should treat these plot details as you would any other rumour.

'Cogenitor' will likely air in late April.

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