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By T'Bonz
January 11, 2008 - 11:13 PM

Hello World!

Itís 2008 and the start of the primary season. From now through November, politics will dominate the headlines, unless, of course, Britney Spears or Paris Hilton does something daft or illegal again.

The primaries have been interesting thus far, not to mention surprising. It would appear that we can hold off on draping a coronation robe around the shoulders of one particular candidate as returns from the two primaries thus far have not gone according to prediction.

Our own state primary comes up at the end of the month. It will be interesting how things turn out as at least one of the two major parties has said that our results ďwonít countĒ. Why would they say such a silly thing, given the importance of Florida votes in the last two elections? Because Florida had the audacity to move up her primaries. So thatís why we are to be punished. Heaven forbid that we challenge the tradition of certain special states, who for inexplicable reasons, get to go first no matter what other states may want to do. Of course, I suppose the line must be drawn somewhere, or else the primaries for 2012 would begin the day after Election Day 2008.

I donít know how I will vote this time. Oh, not the candidate, but how, as in paper or electronic. After the ďhanging chadĒ debacle, we went to electronic voting. It was very convenient and very quick, not to mention it eliminated the problem of those pesky loose pieces of paper that so gripped the nationís attention not so long ago. But the electronic voting machines were deemed faulty in some way and the result is that I donít know what Iíll see when I go to vote several weeks from now at my precinctís voting place.

Iíll probably get to vote, a la Fred Flintstone, with a rock and a chisel.

Jolan Tru,

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