Bakula: Archer Is Who I'd Be As Captain

By Michelle
January 11, 2005 - 8:48 PM

Captain Archer's flaws are easy for Scott Bakula to relate to, the actor said, because Archer is whom he imagines he would be if he were in command of a starship.

Speaking to the Space program HypaSpace (transcript and images at VRRRM), Bakula stated that his Star Trek: Enterprise character represents "how would I behave, um, to a certain extent, with my crew; how would I behave, what kind of choices would I make." He described Archer as "who I would project myself to be if I were a captain."

Bakula said that the character's flaws meant that "he had room" and places to grow. His issues, he added, meant that, "if you're lucky enough to run a series for a get to explore different facets of him."

"I really like to think of it as Archer hasn't really changed, as much as the world around him has changed, and he's...he's adapting to it," he concluded.

The HypaSpace interview is from January 8th. VRRRM has screen captures and audio posted from the show.

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