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An archive of Star Trek News

'Nemesis' News Roundup

By Caillan
December 10, 2002 - 9:06 AM

  • Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) spoke to Steve Krutzler at TrekWeb about getting back into character. "When you play a character for fifteen years you have all this instant not-thinking-about-responses-to-things because you've played the character for so long. Then someone comes along and said 'you know what? Do it this way' and it just throws you off the track. So you have to find a way to make it true for you and it was harder for me because if it was a new character it would've been easier but it was a character who was like a pair of old slippers." The full interview is available here.

  • An article at Business Week Online looks at the box office potential of 'Star Trek Nemesis' in the competitive holiday season. In addition to the core fan base, producer Rick Berman said vacationing school children are likely to see the film. "You know that they are going to go see at least two movies over those two weeks," he says. "We figure at lot of them will come to see ours." The complete article can be found at this page. Thanks to 'Flake' for this!

  • Asked by the Houston Chronicle if 'Nemesis' deals with the passage of time, Brent Spiner (Data) had this to say: "To a small degree it deals with that. I think we'll deal with it more profoundly a few years from now. I want to do a Trek movie where we're all in wheelchairs -- except we'd have hoverchairs." The actor talked 'Insurrection,' money and his son in the full interview.

  • Several members of the cast and crew spoke to the Star Ledger about the possibility of 'Nemesis' being the final TNG film. "Whether the next movie will include these seven characters is still being discussed," said Rick Berman. "It may include some of these characters and either new characters or characters from other series. That's all yet to be decided." More comments from Berman, Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner are available here.

  • Time Magazine examines the development of the franchise in an article which calls 'Nemesis' a "crackling action film" and Enterprise a "sexier TV series." Thanks to Kevin S. for this!

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