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Latest Casting Rumors: Carol Marcus And Kirk's Father Found?

By Christian
November 10, 2007 - 2:56 PM

The cast for the new Star Trek film yesterday expanded with the addition of Chris Hemsworth and Jennifer Morrison

24-year old Hemsworth will be playing the role of George Samuel Kirk Sr., the father of James T. Kirk, who was never before seen on screen but did appear in several Trek novels. Hensworth is an Australian actor who has been part of the cast of local soap opera Home and Away for the past three years. In Australia he is a minor celebrity, having appeared on the fifth run of the Australian Dancing With The Stars, but in the United States he is still an unknown commodity. According to the IESB, when Hensworth came in to read for the part of Kirk Sr., the filmmakers "were so blown away by him that he was offered the role on the spot."

The IESB also confirmed online rumors that 28-year old actress Jennifer Morrison has been added to the cast of the eleventh Trek film. It's not yet certain what role Morrison will be playing, although it seems likely she will be none other than Carol Marcus, who was first introduced in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as the mother of Kirk's son.

The IESB based its speculation that Morrison will be playing Marcus on the fact the site recently learned Marcus does in fact appear in the script for the new Trek film. Another possibility for Morrison would be to play Yeoman Janice Rand. However, the IESB this week posted a set of spy pictures showing actors from the new Trek film -- one of the photos shows an actress who looks suspiciously like Morrison, and who is the only actor present not wearing Starfleet attire. Despite this, there is as yet no official confirmation Morrison's role will in fact be that of Carol Marcus.

Morrison has been part of the cast of Fox's House for the past three years. Before that, she had guest roles on series such as Touched By An Angel and Dawson's Creek.

For the original report from the IESB, please follow this link.

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