Masterson, Beltran Fight 'Manticore' of Mass Destruction

By Michelle
November 10, 2005 - 5:59 PM

Deep Space Nine's Chase Masterson (Leeta), who stars in the Sci Fi Channel's upcoming film Manticore with Voyager's Robert Beltran, said that she was struck by how realistic the Iraqi setting appears.

"I play a driven, bratty reporter who is convinced there are weapons of mass destruction in an off-limits area," Masterson explained to Sci Fi Wire. "Risking our lives, I convince my partner to go with me to find them, so we can break the story and boost my career."

But unlike Judith Miller, the embattled New York Times reporter with whom her character would appear to have parallels, Masterson gets lucky: "It turns out that the weapon of mass destruction is a 2,000-year-old creature, brought back to life." An attempt is made to rescue her character from the half-lion, half-dragon by an army platoon led by Beltran's character.

"Manticore is set in present-day Iraq, and it's striking how realistic the location and action looks," Masterson added. The film was shot on location in Bulgaria, which the actress - who also hosts's internet interviews - called "a fabulous experience."

"It's an extremely passionate country, I think, because they were so oppressed for so long, and the people are very genuine," she added. "Also, Tripp Reed is a director to watch. He works equally well with actors as with the camera and technical effects."

Manticore has its debut on November 26th on the Sci Fi Channel. "I think viewers are in for a treat," said Masterson.

The original article is at Sci Fi Wire. Earlier coverage is here.

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