Trek Director To Helm New Wolfe-Beimler Project

By Michelle
November 10, 2005 - 5:23 PM

David Carson, who directed Star Trek: Generations and several television episodes including Deep Space Nine pilot "Emissary", will helm the latest project from former DS9 staffers Hans Beimler and Robert Hewitt Wolfe, The Dresden Files.

The Futon Critic reports that the two-hour telemovie, which may serve as a series pilot, will film for the Sci Fi Channel in Toronto for a 2006 release. The film will be co-produced by Lions Gate Television and Saturn Films. The Dresden Files will star Paul Blackthorne of 24 as Harry Dresden, a wizard who works as a detective (story).

Carson, who filmed Captain Kirk's death scene in Generations, also worked on Manny Coto's Odyssey 5. He directed several episodes of DS9's first season.

Wolfe and Beimler worked together on many DS9 episodes. Wolfe's other credits include Andromeda, The Dead Zone and The 4400, while Beimler worked on William Shatner's TekWar and Profiler.

Blackthorne also starred in Presidio Med and has appeared in several feature films.Saturn Films' Nicolas Cage, who will receive production credit, said, "I feel that Paulís passion for the part and talent will translate into a charismatic performance."

The original article is at The Futon Critic.

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