Three New 'Inside Man' Reviews

By Christian
November 10, 2000 - 9:30 PM

  • Over at the Cynics Corner, David E. Sluss has put up his review of 'Inside Man', last week's latest Voyager episode. Sluss awarded the episode a 7.0, though he also said it was fairly standard. Here are two quotes from his review:

    LAUGH LINE OF THE WEEK: Admiral Paris: "Captain Janeway knows better than to take her ship into such a dangerous anomaly!" I don't want to call the race prematurely, but I think you're looking at the laugh line of the year right there...

    MISCELLANEOUS ANOMALIES OF THE WEEK: There were a couple of bits of dialog that struck me as being a bit suspect. First, we had the Barclay hologram claiming that Seven is a celebrity back in the Alpha Quadrant, providing hope for people who had lost loved ones to the Borg. If that's true, one has to wonder exactly how much information the public is being revealed about Voyager, and why Seven's presence on the ship would be so well-known. If it's a lie, why would the Ferengi have reprogrammed Barclay with that particular line of bull? The other problem is the red herring of sorts in which the Barclay hologram seems to get pissed off at the Doctor. It turns out the program is not malfunctioning, and so the question is who, the Ferengi or Barclay himself, installed the pissed-off subroutine, and why?

    More can be found in the full review, accessible via this link.

  • Also new is the review by Michelle Erica Green at AnotherUniverse's Mania Magazine, who liked the episode's successful attempts at continuity, but also disapproved of the many misses in that same area in the episode. Click here for both a synopsis and a review of the episode.

  • And finally, Jason Bates at IGN Sci-Fi has uploaded his review of the episode, awarding it no more than 2 out of 5:

    Now at this stage I'm simply going to dispense with the usual plot summary that many reviewers use to pad out their reviews and just assume you watched the bloody episode. Still with me? Good. So just what the hell was it we just watched? Star Trek? Or some children's cartoon-like equivalent thereof?

    I genuinely had an epiphany during this episode -- and if you're unsure what I mean by "epiphany," remember, Commander Sisko is there each week to remind us; though fortunately my epiphany did not prompt me to suddenly run out and waste $50,000 on IBM mainframes.

    No, my revelation was this: Voyager has become the live action equivalent of a children's cartoon.

    More revelations from Bates can be found here.

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