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By Amy
November 10, 2000 - 6:15 AM

Totally Kate has posted a transcript on an interview with Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) that appeared in the October 200- issue of Star Trek: The magazine. In the article, Mulgrew again shares her thoughts on her character and the impending conclusion of the series.

Home Stretch

"It's going to be awful, those last 10 shows; I know it. It's going to be unbearable for me. When you're in the trenches with people this long, it's hard to say goodbye. But it's very crucial that I get back to my life, and get back to the theater. I adore my children, and I'm crazy about my husband. He's made huge sacrifices to accommodate my schedule, and it's time for me to turn the light on him. He does all the commuting, so that's going to have to change a bit. We're building a house in Cleveland, getting my boys through the rest of high school, and trying to relax a little bit. I think it's going to be hard for me to relearn that."

Final Adventures

Meanwhile, the Season Six cliffhanger left the intrepid captain assimilated aboard a Borg vessel, along with B'Elanna and Tuvok; the story plays out in October's season opener. Asked about what she thinks the audience can expect for Voyager and its crew as the series draws to its close, Kate says: "I think that the writers will be very clever; I think that they will be extremely astute; they will be romantic; they will be dangerous. They will take the Maquis, the Borg, the Klingons they will take every matter in hand. Everything will have to be reckoned with at the end. And it's going to be extremely poignant."

For the full transcript, please click here.

  • Secondly, the official site has posted the first part of their recently announced Q&A session with the actress.

    Dominica A: Do you have political aspirations?

    Kate Mulgrew: No, I only have political aspirations for my dear husband. We may look at the next governorship of Ohio or even possibly the next senate race. I've already held the office of honorary mayor of Brentwood, and it was so fatiguing, on top of my work as an actress, that I felt I could not continue. Debbie: Who is your favorite Voyager character (other than Captain Janeway) and why?

    KM: I would have to say the Doctor for the simple reasons that he is so well developed and, additionally, so well defined by Mr. Picardo. He really is a delicious character. Bob Picardo owns a remarkable intelligence and inventiveness as an actor, and he has endowed this otherwise shell of a character with such riches that I'm always amazed at his adroitness and his unending repertoire of ideas. He's great to work with and happens to be a dear friend of mine.

    Bart: If Captain Kirk met up with Captain Janeway, what kind of chemistry would they have?

    KM: Absolutely fantastic, as it is between Bill Shatner and myself. They'd crack open a bottle of wine, put their feet up and have a good laugh. He would make her really laugh. She would really enjoy his ribaldry, his irreverence, his bombastic, maverick approach, his virility. There's something so whimsical about Kirk. He loves the absurd about life, and so does Janeway. They're not brain surgeons. They are wholeheartedly in the moment, without preponderance.

    To read the full Q&A session, go ahead and click here.

  • Finally, Fandom's AntonyF has posted an article where he talks about the various rumors of Janeway facing a court-marshal when Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant.

    To add weight to the rumor, I would imagine that a trial would be natural for a captain who`s been in command of a ship that`s been away from Starfleet for seven years, and in unknown space interacting with unknown aliens. Also you would naturally think she`d be welcomed back with open arms, but toss that on its head and you get the trial. Another thing (and this is theory, not rumor) is that Voyager may get destroyed. The producers will have something up their sleeves, and that could be one of them. Anyone who loses a ship stands trial automatically, regardless of fault. Finally, DerekWW said recently "It may be that when the crew returns, Janeway is to stand trial for *something*" which would seem to be someone else hearing about a trial too.

    What is to disprove the rumor? Well nothing really... just the fact that rumors may not be true, and you won`t know until it airs. Even then ideas or plots might change... the final episodes haven`t been scripted yet.

    To read Antony's full thoughts on the subject drop by Fandom.

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