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By Amy
November 10, 2000 - 5:30 AM

This image is copyright of ParamountBoth UPN and have posted new pictures from next week's Voyager episode, 'Body and Soul', while UPN has also posted a number of photos and a synopsis of the following week's episode, 'Nightingale', which, directed by LeVar Burton, will see Harry really in command for the first time in his career.

This Image is copyright of Paramount While Voyager's power core is down undergoing extensive maintenance, a Kraylor ship ostensibly on a humanitarian mission, is brutally attacked by the warring Annari. Harry Kim is granted permission to take the helm of the crippled vessel and, with the assistance of Seven of Nine, help her on her voyage home. Kim's new position, however, goes to his head, and he finds himself learning a lesson in leadership while under the Annari guns.

The new photo at the official site can be found here, while the UPN info can be found here. It's also worth noting that Section31 has a number of screen-caps from 'the Body and Soul' promo.

Please note that the above photos are copyright of Paramount.

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