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Braga Pleased With 'Enterprise' Reception

By Caillan
October 10, 2001 - 10:13 AM

No one is more conscious that the fate of the Trek franchise rests on the shoulders of Enterprise than its co-creator Brannon Braga - but reaction to the series has the writer enthused.

"I try not to think about what's at stake, because I'd probably have a nervous breakdown," Braga told Kevin Williamson at the Calgary Sun. "But look, Rick [Berman] and I know what's at stake. If the show flopped then the public would be saying, 'We've had enough Star Trek.' But the ratings for the pilot and the first episode have been good, exceptionally good, and so far, what we're hearing is that this show is exactly what people wanted."

The writer/producer is pleased that he has achieved the goal of enticing non-Trek fans to the series. "What's great is that a lot of fans love it," he said, "but also we're having people who have never watched Star Trek say they're watching it too, which is just what we wanted."

Despite the numerous rumours that William Shatner (James. T. Kirk) would be making an appearance on Enterprise, Braga said that it would never happen. "No, we're not going to," he stated. "Because it is a prequel, there is that temptation. We're trying to be judicious. We have to get Enterprise going as its own show."

Part of this effort to make Enterprise stand out from the crowd has been the new-style theme song, 'Faith Of The Heart.' Apparently, protesters have already turned up on the Paramount lot, waving placards saying 'Love Enterprise. Hate The Song.' "We can't please everybody," Braga said. "There are some people who love the song and there are people who think it's cheesy. They came with a petition with 1,000 signatures. But plenty of people find the song very uplifting."

But for those fans who still can't get to like the song, the producer has this advice: "Turn the volume down."

The full article, which also includes comments from Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) on her love for the Original Series, can be found here at the Calgary Sun. Thanks to Will Seabrook for this!

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