New 'Unimatrix Zero Part II' Review

By Amy
October 10, 2000 - 7:35 AM

Jamahl Epsicokhan has updated his Star Trek: Hypertext site with his review of 'Unimatrix Zero II'. Awarding it 3 stars, Jammer found the episode to be about what he expected, enjoyable but somewhat contrived and unsurprising.

"The funny thing about the implausible but well-crafted "Unimatrix Zero, Part II" is that it more or less plays out the only way it possibly could've. Everything here borders on the inevitable.

Obviously, Our Heroes would not still be Borg drones by the end of the episode (beware the Reset Button). Obviously, the crew's plan to subvert the hive mind and help the individualized Borg in Unimatrix Zero would be successful. Obviously, there would be some snags in the plan along the way. Obviously, Seven's romantic theme would play into the human storyline. Obviously, the setup in part one called for an eventual Borg insurgence within the collective, which would happen here. Obviously, a big season-opening budget would provide us with all the production design, makeup, and visual effects to give it a slick, high-tech look -- yet another episode that proves this is one of, if not the, best-looking sci-fi shows on television.

Jammer's full review, of course, can be found here at Star Trek: Hypertext.

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