Enterprise Project Plans New Promotions

By Michelle
September 10, 2004 - 9:33 PM

To start Star Trek: Enterprise with strong support for the beginning of the fourth season, several fan initiatives are planned to draw attention to the series among industry professionals and potential viewers.

The Enterprise Project, one of the groups which spearheaded the campaign to keep the show on UPN last spring, has two planned projects in the coming weeks. The first is to take out another full-page ad in The Hollywood Reporter (where the group has previously placed ads supporting the series) to welcome the cast and crew back to broadcast. Another is to design and place posters on college campuses to draw attention to the show.

The Enterprise Project is soliciting donations from individual viewers and fan groups to place a full-page Hollywood Reporter ad on Friday, October 8th, when Enterprise resumes for the fall season. The text will congratulate the cast and crew on the season premiere. The names of contributors will appear on request in the ad for individuals who donate at least $30 and groups that donate at least $75, while groups making contributions of $200 or more will be given a link on a special promotion page at The Enterprise Project.

The campaign is also working in cooperation with campusclients.com to print 1000 posters and distribute them on the campuses of ten universities with acclaimed science and engineering programs. Campusclients.com will also provide a click-through link on college newspaper sites redirecting readers to a page promoting Enterprise. This project is targeted to begin at the start of November sweeps.

The Enterprise Project plans to raise $6000 by October 14th for the combined projects, with a September 30th deadline for contributions to the Hollywood Reporter ad. Graphics and web design will be provided free of charge by fans. Any additional funds raised will be donated to the AIDS Service Center in Los Angeles.

For more information or to donate to the effort, visit The Enterprise Project.

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