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'Enterprise' Production Talk At Vegas Con

By Christian
September 10, 2001 - 9:05 PM

At this weekend's Star Trek 35th Anniversary Convention in Las Vegas, Enterprise co-creator Brannon Braga was able to openly talk to fans about the series for the first time.

Braga told the audience that he felt working on Enterprise was "creatively liberating," according to the Trekker Newsletter. The executive producer explained that he would be able "to delve into Star Trek lore" and "convey a fresh feeling" with a series set before the Original Series.

Several Original Series elements will be re-visited in Enterprise, including the Andorians. "The Andorians were probably the silliest looking aliens in Star Trek," said Braga. "So we thought it would be cool to update the look. The new costuming and makeup is extremely impressive. [We'll] also explore the culture a bit."

When asked whether the series wouldn't violate established Trek continuity, Braga said the intention was to be "respectful of the continuity established in pervious series." However, he also confessed that at least once the producers already made one significant error. "We did make one mistake in the premiere episode that wasn't caught until it was too late so I'll apologize now. We mention a Klingon Bird-of-Prey."

Besides Braga, many Trek actors were present at the convention, which was organised by Slanted Fedora. Two of those were LeVar Burton (Geordi LaForge) and Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres), who had just finished directing the sixth and the seventh episode of Enterprise, respectively. "I love the show," said Burton. "I think it's a hit. The cast like each other. [Scott Bakula] brings Brings a lot to the part of Archer in terms of leadership. The fun is back in Trek!"

For more from Braga and Burton, as well as some comments from Roxann Dawson, please follow this link.

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