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Bjo Trimble Blasts 'Enterprise'

By Michelle
August 10, 2003 - 10:35 PM

Bjo Trimble, who led the campaign to save Star Trek in the late 1960s and spearheaded the movement to have NASA's first space shuttle dubbed Enterprise, criticized the TV show currently using that name and suggested that the franchise bring in people who know the series to write and direct it.

"They should take advantage of all the Original Series crew that they have left," Trimble told TrekZone.de. "Get someone who knows Trek to write the script...get someone who knows Trek to direct...but do you think Paramount has the good sense to see this? Nah!"

Though she felt certain that there would be spin-offs even if series creator and long-time friend Gene Roddenberry were alive, saying "it would be foolish not to continue the spin-offs for as long as the fans like them and will support them", Trimble added that no one in her family was a fan of Enterprise and that she was frustrated with the inconsistencies with previous Treks.

But having fan wishes ignored by Paramount doesn't surprise Trimble, for she claims it has always been so. "Paramount has simply pretended we don't exist, all these years," she stated. "I think the studio is terrified we'll find a hotshot lawyer who can sue them for royalties on all these years of Star Trek's success."

"A fan-run campaign was new 30 years ago and took NBC totally by surprise," she recalled. "The instantaneous way we can reach even corporate heads via the Internet should make the same basic idea work today. However, most of the time, nowadays, the campaign isn't done right...things move faster today and by the time failure is obvious to the fans, it is far too late to do anything to help."

The complete interview with Trimble can be found in English here and in German here.

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