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'Nemesis' To Honour Trek Continuity

By Christian
August 10, 2001 - 3:18 PM

After most classic Trek races weren't even mentioned in the past three Trek series, races such as the Andorians and the Gorn were thought to have disappeared from the franchise. But according to new script info, the Original Series universe will be making a comeback in 'Star Trek X: Nemesis.'

Regular source 'Faith' sent in new information she obtained about the tenth Trek film, indicating that screenwriter John Logan is indeed familiar enough with the franchise to namedrop from all parts of established Trek canon. Below are several examples of continuity touches included in the film:

  • 'Nemesis' will introduce us to the Enterprise-E version of several locations that were seen on the Enterprise-D: Cargo Bay, Stellar Cartography, and Ten Forward (albeit without Guinan).

  • Several classic Star Trek species are mentioned. First, Riker's bachelor party was said by Picard to have been attended by "three Andorians, two Tellerites and a Gorn." Second, Data's 'brother' B-9, when describing his travels through the universe, says he encountered the Pakleds, Bolians, Nausicaans, Cardassians and even Talosians.

  • Lwaxana Troi is not present at the wedding reception on Earth, but Deanna mentions that her mother will be at the traditional Betazed wedding.

  • Picard says he has initiated first contact between the Federation and alien species twenty-seven times in his career.

  • The Reman leader Shinzon mentions by name both the Treaty of Algernon and the Romulan Star Empire. In established Trek canon, the Treaty of Algernon ended the Romulan-Federation War and established the Neutral Zone.

  • One of the members of the Romulan Senate tells Shinzon that they cannot afford to fight the Federation as "Romulus is still re-arming from the Dominion War." During the war, the Romulans used Reman assault troops in the most violent encounters - i.e. as cannon fodder. However, Shinzon fought and won seventeen major engagements.

  • Both Dr. Soong (Data's creator) and Lore (his other brother) are mentioned in reference to B-9.

  • The Federation delegate ship that is dispatched to Shinzon is the Orion, which is headed by an elderly Andorian, Meelok, who taught Picard at the Academy. During one of Picard's subspace communications with Janeway, she advises him, "When in doubt, run to the old Andorian."

  • During the main battle, Riker orders a maneuver called "Defensive Pattern Kirk Epsilon." He also sarcastically asks why the Enterprise-E doesn't have any saucer separation capabilites.

  • One of the features that starship crews have been craving for centuries is finally awarded to Picard at the end of the film, when the new Mark Seven Captain's Chair is installed. While Worf argues with one of the new ensigns about Picard liking his old chair, Picard sits down in his new chair and takes time appreciating it. According to the script, it's equipped with "...metal restraints [which] fly into position around [his] waist and shoulders [at the touch of a button]." You know, seatbelts!

  • At the end of the film, Picard tells his new first officer, Commander Madden, that their first asssignment is going to be to explore the Denab system. "It should be exciting. It's a place... where no one has gone before."

Thanks go out to Faith for this information! As usual, please be aware that Paramount has released no official information about the 'Star Trek X' plot yet, and until that happens any news from unofficial sources should be treated as you would any rumour.

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