Further 'Broken Bow' Script Info

By Christian
August 10, 2001 - 3:11 PM

Even more spoilers from the 'Broken Bow' pilot script surfaced today, adding more details about the races that populate the Enterprise universe.

Science fiction news site the SyFy Portal posted several information bits from a late draft of the script, dated the 1st of May, 2001. Most of the information fleshes out the races we will be meeting in Enterprise, explaining for instance that not all Suliban are evil, and telling us about the first Vulcan who does not seem to dislike everything the humans do. Below is a summary of the most important new points found in the item:

  • Farmer Moore's Silo - copyright Paramount PicturesFarmer Moore - One of the Enterprise promos showed an explosion in a cornfield, thought by many to be the Klingon ship crashlanding on Earth. However, the object exploding is actually Farmer Moore's silo. It's caused when he fires a plasma pistol into the silo, thereby igniting the methane gases inside, and also killing the two Suliban who were chasing the Klingon and were nearby the silo. As evidence by the above photo, it turns out that the silo is in fact also shown in one frame in the recent UPN promo.

  • Klingons - The Vulcans are very familar with the Klingons, knowing who to contact on Qo'noS about Klaang. Despite the Vulcan's initial objections, it apparently turns out that bringing the Klingon's corpse back to Qo'noS was the right thing to do. According to Ambassador Soval's assistant, Tos, if they hadn't done so a "squadron of Klingon warbirds" would have been orbiting Earth by the "end of the week."

  • Suliban woman - copyright Paramount PicturesThe Suliban - The main Enterprise villains have cloaking technology, possibly obtained from their alliance with the time traveler from the future. Not all the Suliban are hostile, as the woman who kisses Archer in the promo is in fact also a member of the race, though she appears human. She's called Sarin and is one of the Suliban who rejected the alliance with the aliens from the future. The reason she kisses Archer is to find out if she can trust him.

  • Captain Archer - In one scene, Archer and T'Pol are arguing about when the Enterprise would finally be ready for interstellar travel. T'Pol says she was waiting for him to "look beyond your provincial attitudes and volatile nature." Archer responds, "Volatile? You have no idea how much I am restraining myself from knocking you on your ass."

For more details from the 'Broken Bow' script, including information on Dr. Phlox's favourite Chinese food and on the lack of tractor beams on the Enterprise, please follow this link.

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