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Paramount Registers StarTrekEnterprise.com

By Christian
June 10, 2000 - 11:11 PM

Dennis Walgaard at StarTrek.nl pointed out something very interesting to me: over the past few months, Paramount Pictures has registered several new internet domain names, some of them perhaps hinting at the options the studio is considering for the fifth Star Trek series.

On the 11th of April, Paramount Digital Entertainment registered the domains StarTrekEnterprise.com, StarTrekEnterprise.net and StarTrekEnterprise.org. This was one week after the first report surfaced that Series V would likely have a 'Birth of the Federation' premise, and two weeks before the report that the starship in the series would be named Enterprise.

Two months earlier, on the 10th of February, Paramount already registered StarTrekAcademy.com. This name apparently wasn't deemed as important, though, as the .net and .org addresses are still untaken.

The registration of the 'StarTrek: Enterprise' domains is certainly very unusual. Paramount owns relatively few Star Trek domains, and in the case of the domains it does own, such as 'StarTrekTheNextGeneration.com' it usually only has the .com address, and not also the .net and .org addresses. Other domains, such as StarTrekExcelsior.com, StarTrekTOS.com or StarTrekSection31.com haven't been registered by the studio yet, meaning that for some reason Paramount finds the Enterprise domain very important. Combined with the fact that the domains were registered around the same time that the first 'Enterprise' Series V rumours started floating around, this gives some very interesting food for thought.

Meanwhile, domain name brokers are also getting in on the act. On the 27th of April, two days after the 'Enterprise' rumours first serviced, a person named Jeffrey Rhind registered the domains StarTrek-Enterprise.com, StarTrek-Enterprise.net and StarTrek-Enterprise.org. This same person also owns StarTrekSeries5.com, while StarTrekBbirthOfTheFederation.com has been registered by another individual.

Of course, please do keep in mind that none of this, yet officially confirms anything about the fifth Star Trek series. Paramount might well have registered these domains for other purposes, or they could simply be throwing up a smoke screen to prevent people from finding about the real Series V.

Thanks go out again to Dennis Walgaard at StarTrek.nl for this!

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