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Manny Coto Praises 'These Are The Voyages...'

By Christian
May 10, 2005 - 12:24 PM

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Enterprise showrunner Manny Coto recently revealed he was quite pleased with the series finale written by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga.

"I actually like it very much. The way we structured the season was that Demons" and "Terra Prime" were going to be a kind of quasi-finale," Coto said in the latest edition of TV Zone (via the Great Link). Coto added that "These Are The Voyages..." would then be "the actualí finale, which would be a farewell to Star Trek. Thatís why this episode includes Riker and Troi."

Coto overed the following explanation for people reacting negatively to the finale so far. "[It] has been caused by some people just looking at the episode itself rather than the entire season. In a strange way, [the finale] is a kind of post-season episode. I haven't seen it, so I don't know how it turned out, but I thought the script was very moving. The great thing about it is that it places Enterprise in a prominent position. You have Riker and Deanna studying Archer's missions from the past, which tells us that he and his crew played a momentous role in the formation of the Federation and of Star Trek history."

Looking back over the rest of season four, Coto said he was pleased with the decision to focus on multi-episode arcs this year. "I must admit Iím quite happy with how season 4 has unfolded, and my favourite episodes have been the arcs," he said. "I think the whole Vulcan Arc, starting with "The Forge," were some of the best stories weíve ever done. I was also very happy with the Andorian/Tellarite Arc; "United," in particular, was a strong episode. The three-episode arcs are a lot like mini-movies and have a kind of grandeur or epic quality to them that I love."

The full interview, which also includes photos from the Enterprise wrap party, can be found in issue 189 of TV Zone, now available in the United Kingdom. Alternatively, several more excerpts are available at the Great Link.

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