Trinneer Hopeful For Fourth Season

By Michelle
May 10, 2004 - 6:36 PM

"There's an energy that we've gathered through the season," noted Connor Trinneer (Tucker) of Star Trek: Enterprise's third year on the air, saying he and Dominic Keating (Reed) were friends off-camera and expressing his belief that the show would run another season.

"My feeling is it wouldn't make any financial sense to not get your 100 shows and then go into syndication, because that's where you get your money back," Trinneer told Starburst magazine (via The Great Link).

"We're building up the right way to the climax," he said of the denouement to the Xindi arc. "We've really begun to accelerate to get to that point, and I've never done an arc like that - it's an extraordinary opportunity."

Trinneer said he thinks that the storyline reflects "how we all feel in terms of what's happening globally," adding, "I think this year has been a more truthful reflection of how we as people get through and the choices we have to make."

For him the most difficult part was playing a man who has lost his sister, since Trinneer, like Tucker, has "a sister who I love dearly." He finds it exhausting, giving him something else in common with the insomniac Trip.

As for his character's relationship with T'Pol, Trinneer said he knew that some fans "really hate the fact that Trip and T'Pol are f***ing around" and assured that the relationship would grow: "I do think that it's going to come cool."

The full interview is in the latest issue of Starburst. Thanks to The Great Link for this material.

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