Book Bullets

By Christian
May 10, 2000 - 10:27 PM

  • has been updated with a review of the new novel by Andrew Robinson (Garak), 'DS9: A Stitch In Time'. As is usual for the official site's reviews, they award the book 4 stars.

  • At Psi Phi's Star Trek Books Discussion Area, Mark Stanley has posted his review of 'A Stitch In Time', who is about as positive about the book as the official site's review is.

  • And finally, Cardie-ologist has put up her review at the Psi Phi board, also strongly praising the book.

  • According to Margaret Clark, Trek editor at Pocket Books, the first two books of the DS9 trilogy 'Millennium' have been selling very well, and the books have already gone back for a second printing. Presumably the third book will soon go back for a second printing as well. This is good news for the DS9 novel line, which before has never been known for its strong sales.

  • Though Pocket Books did receive a few Captain Sulu novel letters today, all of those were sent after the cut-off date of the 1st of May. This means that the final count in support of a Sulu novel will likely be 826, 174 short of the amount Pocket editor John Ordover required to publish one.

  • David Henderson at Psi Phi has put up an excerpt from the upcoming short story anthology 'Enterprise Logs', namely the complete first story, 'Veil at Valcour' by Diane Carey.

  • Thanks go out to Psi Phi for most of these news items.

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