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By Christian
April 10, 2005 - 6:18 PM

  • TV Guide reports that UPN has renewed Veronica Mars for a second season.

  • Pocket Books Star Trek editor Marco Palmieri announced at the Trek BBS that the new Captain Riker novel Star Trek Titan: Taking Wing has hit the USA Today bestseller list, debuting at #131. Palmieri noted the book may also soon appear on the New York Times bestseller list.

  • John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox) will be the Celebrity Ball Caller at the Legendary Bingo at Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood. Prizes will include Enterprise scripts signed by Billingsley, and one script signed by the entire case. More information on the event, which will benefit the AIDS charity supported by Enterprise pre-production coordinator Juan Carlos Fernandez, can be found on Billingsley's official site.

  • The Sev Trek page has been updated with the winning punchlines for both the cartoon on Captain Quirk's away team of Wiggles and on Piker's desire for the Captain's Chair.

  • Jamahl Epsicokhan at Star Trek: Hypertext has launched the Star Trek: The Next Generation Review Startup Project, in which fans can help contribute to a PayPal fund that will allow Epsicokhan to buy the TNG DVD box sets and review the show for his web site.

  • Just like sister mag Cult Times, the new issue of Starburst Magazine features an interview with Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer), in which he talks about the passing of Enterprise and looks back at its dbut year.

  • The Los Angeles Times' Valerie Reitman recently wrote an article about guest stars from the original Star Trek who are still able to make money out of their role by appearing at conventions. "I do a lot of things, but nobody remembers anything but Star Trek," "Wolf in the Fold" guest star Tanya Lemani told the paper. ""I didn't think anybody knew about [my role]. But then I realized I have so many fans."

  • Hollywood Elsewhere has been updated with a new review of Kingdom of Heaven, the new Ridley Scott film also featuring Alexander Siddig (Julian Bashir). The review included the DS9 actor in a list of "stellar supporting cast" members that all deliver great performances. Thanks go out to Sid City for this!

  • TrekPulse has posted 1600 screencaps of Star Trek: First Contact, as well as plot and behind-the-scenes info on the eight Trek film. The site also has new screencaps from "All Good Things".

  • Carne Asada, a "punk rock mariachi band," have posted their song The Ballad of Wesley Crusher on their web site. Thanks go out to Rich Wilkes for this!

  • On the 16th of April, Enterprise actors Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather), Linda Park (Hoshi Sato) and Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed) will play in a tsunami-relief celebrity charity poker tournament at TI Casino in Las Vegas. Fans will be able to buy in and play against celebrities, including cast members from Angel and Gilmore Girls. More information can be found on the event's official site, pointed out to us by the Dominic Keating Estrogen Brigade.

  • The IESB reports that the upcoming Star Wars TV series will be more of a drama rather than a "wam bam sci-fi action TV show," and more character-driven than the films. However, George Lucas apparently does not want a "Star Trek style series."

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