Braga's New 'Threshold': Sound Familiar?

By Michelle
April 10, 2005 - 2:23 PM

Brannon Braga's writing partner on his new show, Threshold, describes the CBS pilot as "a very novel approach to an alien invasion story", but fans of Braga's work on Star Trek: Voyager may find similarities in the plot and even the title.

"It has to do with an alien invasion, but you never see the aliens," executive producer David Goyer explained to Sci Fi Wire. "They're invading us through our DNA."

In the Voyager second season episode also named "Threshold", written by Braga from a story by Michael DeLuca, Tom Paris crossed the warp 10 threshold and began to mutate into an evolved being, becoming amphibian and kidnapping Captain Janeway as his mate.

"They're bio-forming us. They're altering us," said Goyer of the television series Threshold aliens, saying that the aliens activate human "junk DNA" and use it to change human chromosomes. He and Braga co-wrote the pilot and brought in David Heyman to co-executive produce.

CBS has not yet picked up the series for the fall, though Goyer said that he expected to hear in about five weeks whether the show would continue.

The original item is at Sci Fi Wire.

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