'TV Guide' Publishes 'Enterprise' Finale Images

By Michelle
April 10, 2005 - 2:11 PM

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The first photos from the final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, "These Are the Voyages...", show Riker and Mayweather together in a shuttlepod and reveal a scene including T'Pol and Shran.

The pictures, published in TV Guide and posted to the TrekBBS by MvRojo, also show Jonathan Frakes as Riker and Marina Sirtis as Troi together in their Next Generation uniforms.

The cover depicted, reportedly available to subscribers only and featuring Archer, Tucker and T'Pol, is one of four that will appear on the tribute.

Rumours have claimed that "These Are the Voyages..." finds Riker and Troi replaying a holographic scenario involving Archer's Enterprise on the NCC-1701D, which would explain how Riker came to be on a shuttle with Mayweather.

The TV Guide scans may be found here at the TrekBBS.

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