Gaming Bullets

By Amy
April 10, 2001 - 6:37 PM

  • The Firing Squad has a new preview of upcoming Gizmo Games release, 'Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars'. While its only the is only an Alpha+ build, the preview team seems pretty impressed with it so far. There are also a number of new screenshots in the article.

  • ZD Net's Gamespot has 5 new screenshots from the as-yet untitled 'Elite Force' expansion pack.

  • Four more new 'Away Team' reviews today. First up to the plate is James Cottee of Gamespot AU. Rating it a 6 out of 10 in his review, he concluded with the thoughts that "unfortunately, Away Team is a tactical combat game that releases this year - yet it can be compared unfavourably to a game from the early 90s. That game, the original X-Com, is and was everything that Away Team isn't and more."

  • Meanwhile, Fwiffo of Game Over was slightly more positive in his review. Giving it an overall score of 68%, he says, however, that "although it features excellent audio components (especially the voiceovers) and graphics that stay true to the Star Trek universe, it is unable to provide a compelling entertainment experience."

  • Brian Rubin of EUniverse Games was again slightly more positive with a score of 70% in his 'Away Team' review. While he has some interesting things to say about the publisher, he found plusses for the game to be "nice Graphics, fantastic story, awesome audio" but the negatives to be "Pathetic AI, tons of command and control issues, controls can't be changed."

  • Last but not least of the reviews today is Rogier Voet of GameZ. The full review, which is in Dutch, sees the game score a 6.6. Again a primary detractor was the AI.

  • Decipher, makers of the Star Trek Customisable Card Game, have added information on a number of new cards in the recently announced Voyager deck. New cards include Delta Quadrant Spatial Scission, Organ Theft and Dereth.
Thanks go out to Blue's News for some of these!

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