RanDoM Flight Champagne Cruise Report

By Christian
April 10, 2000 - 6:33 PM

The web site of RanDoM Flight, the official fan club of Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) has been updated with a report of the champagne brunch cruise the fan club organised last week. Present during the three-hour event were McNeill himself, Robert Beltran (Chakotay), Tim Russ (Tuvok), Ethan Phillips (Neelix) and Garrett Wang (Harry Kim). Part of the cruise was a Q&A session with the 5 actors, as you can read in the following excerpt from the report:

The guys mingled with the other tables for a while after eating. The silent auction tables were set up downstairs, so people were encouraged to go place more bids. The guys finally gathered together in the middle of the boat's second level for a loose Q&A session, with much good-natured ribbing. Garrett did both his Sulu and Janeway impersonations, and several people did The Doctor.

Garrett apparently was the first to begin clipping out his lines and pasting them to his console, a tactic which Tim stole. Robbie and Ethan lamented they couldn't do that, because Robbie's console is frequently visible and there's no good places in the galley. Garrett did an impersonation of Marlon Brando in The Godfather, from an apparently true event when Brando read his lines off a crenshaw melon. Beltran mentioned telling Brannon Braga that he'd memorize his lines when Brannon wrote like Shakespeare. Beltran expressed a little frustration about Braga's unwillingness to listen to the actors' comments on their characters.

In the full report, you can read more about the Q&A session, as well as about the rest of the cruise. Also available is a picture gallery from the Cruise, plus a set of pictures from Creation's Grand Slam convention. Finally, they've put up the list of winners, from their March Madness Raffle, which benefited the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

In other RanDoM Flight news, the club has announced that Sue Love has stepped down as coordinator, to be replaced by Deborah Stone and Marianna Genakos. What this also means is that the club has a new mailing address, effective immediately:

RanDoM Flight
c/o Deborah Stone
P.O. Box 802930
Chicago, IL 60680-2930

The RanDoM Flight site can be found by going here.

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