Slashdot Thread On Series V Rumours

By Christian
April 10, 2000 - 4:42 PM

Slashdot, a very popular news discussion site, has posted an item about last week's Series V rumours:

HashCode writes "The Star Trek franchise is about to take a warp speed trip down memory lane ... Star Trek: Birth of the Federation. It looks like its going to become a reality. " Free Advice to paramount trek producers: Go to farm. Find horse. Kill it. Beat it until fists hurt. A related story from Adam Juda confirms that Voyager will land in 2001.

Due to the enourmous popularity of the site, the thread discussing this item contains over 300 comments on the Series V premise and Voyager, most of them from people not necessarily Trek fans. In addition, the thread contains one fairly interesting post, as it reports about what Voyager's script coordinator Lolita Fatjo said about Series V a while ago:

A couple of months ago, I talked to Lolita Fatjo, and she said at the time that:

1) They'd have to tell her about 18 months in advance of a new series.
2) They hadn't told her yet.
3) If they wanted to do one in fall of 2001 they'd have to start making public noises in a couple of months.

Now here we are.

Birth of the Federation was one of the ideas she mentioned as "not having been completely ruled out as too stupid" so I think we've got a pretty good chance that this thing is really gonna get off the ground.

You can find the full thread here.

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