Koenig To Play Chekov in 'Star Trek: New Voyages'

By Michelle
March 10, 2005 - 7:59 PM

Dropping their second bombshell in as many weeks, Star Trek: New Voyages revealed that original Star Trek star Walter Koenig will appear in an upcoming episode of the internet series written by Star Trek scriptwriter and novelist D.C. Fontana.

Jack Marshall, executive producer of the series, announced that Koenig will reprise his role as Pavel Chekov in the fourth installment of the series, according to a press release at the Star Trek: New Voyages message boards.

"The folks from New Voyages approached and we started kicking around ideas for a Chekov story," said Koenig. "It occurred to me that what we were coming up with was what every actor dreams of: a second chance to get it right...it is almost beyond comprehension that this is happening so late in my life! Talk about belated reward!"

Koenig has appeared in numerous roles since Star Trek, including the popular science fiction role of the villain Bester on Babylon 5, yet he remains best known for playing the navigator of the NCC-1701. He wrote a script for the animated Star Trek series and a non-fiction memoir, Chekov's Enterprise.

"I didnít believe I could ever again be this excited about performing a part," he added. "I guess it isnít so trite after all: perhaps, all good things do come to those who wait."

The original announcement is at the Star Trek: New Voyages message boards. More information about Fontana's involvement can be found in a previous story.

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