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Pocket Books To Cover 'Lost Era'

By Antony
March 10, 2003 - 7:37 PM

Pocket Books has announced the release of six all-new novels that will cover a largely unknown part of Star Trek history.

Lost Era: The Sundered -- courtesy of Psi Phi, copyright of Pocket BooksThe stories will cover the events between Kirk's disappearance on the Enterprise-B in Star Trek Generations up to the beginning of Star Trek: The Next Generation, according to Pocket Books senior editor Marco Palmieri (via Psi Phi). "Collectively entitled The Lost Era," he wrote, "this book series will chronicle the adventures of known characters and the unfolding of some of the historical events established during this period."

The books will cover many angles of Trek during this time period. Some stories will based upon the starships Excelsior, Enterprise-B and Enterprise-C — whilst others will have a more neutral setting. Original series characters will be featured, as well as some characters from the 24th century.

The series kicks off with The Sundered. Four years after the events of Generations, Captain Sulu commanding the Excelsior must deal with a conflict between the Tholians and an all new race the Neyel. He's aided by his crew of Chekov, Rand, Chapel and Tuvok... who he will need to depend on when the ship gets flung beyond the galaxy.

The series then continues with the second novel, Serpents Among the Ruins, tensions between the Klingons, Romulans, and Federation are at breaking point. Starfleet carries out the first flight of a new prototype starship — however the flight goes wrong, and ends up destroying a region of space near the Romulan Empire. They see this as proof that the Federation is testing weapons of mass destruction, and it's up to John Harriman on the Enterprise-B to try and defuse the situation.

Following novels are entitled The Art of the Impossible, Well of Souls, Deny Thy Father and Catalyst of Sorrows.

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More about the six books, as well as more cover images, can be found here at Psi Phi.

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