'Away Team' Goes Gold

By Amy
March 10, 2001 - 10:29 AM

Activision yesterday announced that its soon to be released real-time strategy game, 'Star Trek: Away Team', has officially gone gold, and is now available for pre-ordered sales.

'Away Team' has been generating considerable interest in the past few months, with previews of the game so far being more or less positive. The game itself sees players controlling a Special Forces squad of between 3 and 6 members (chosen out of selection of 17 highly trained specialists) on missions of vial importance to Federation security - and not all of them strictly keeping with Federation charter.

Gamers can expect to visit a wide variety of environments across the galaxy, from an embattled Klingon outpost, to a derelict Federation starship, from Romulus to the Klingon Home World and Star Fleet Academy - among many others. It's set in the TNG universe after the Dominion Wars and also features the voices of Brent Spiner as Commander Data, the team's Technical Advisor, and Michael Dorn as Ambassador Worf.

The announcement of the game's status can be found at Gone Gold. 'Star Trek: Away Team' is currently expected out in stores around March 20. Five new screenshots of the game, inculding the first known shot of the USS Incursion, have been released by the Adrenaline Vault to celebrate.

Thanks go out to Sci-Fi Gaming for some of this!

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