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By Michelle
February 10, 2006 - 11:06 PM

Hello World!

For Chanukah this year we got a DVR. This is a very dangerous thing, as it encourages one to actually look at what's on all 300some cable channels and record absolutely anything worth watching. This week, for instance, the loot included the '90s Anna Karenina with Sean Bean and Sophie Marceau, Ivanhoe with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, To Catch a Thief with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant, Richard III with Ian McKellen and Annette Bening, Caddyshack with too many hilarious people to name and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I had a friend over and we had intended to watch something somewhat more contemporary, but my husband asked me to burn it, so there we were, watching for the first time in easily five years.

That movie has not dated at all. We were particularly struck by how well the Genesis sequence held up - special effects are decades ahead now, but Marcus' demonstration video still looks really good. There are too many great lines to remember; "You lied." "I exaggerated." and the exchange with Scotty and McCoy about a wee bout of Shore Leave, and I got all choked up at the end even though I have 1) seen it 30 times and 2) know what happens in the sequel! Shatner gives a really lovely performance -- I'd forgotten about the scene with Bones and the glasses, and the one with Scotty's nephew in sickbay. And it was so poignant to see Carol and David, both of whom are played by actors no longer with us.

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Trek Two Years Ago

These were some of the major news items from February 2004:

  • 'Battlestar Galactica' To Fly On Sci Fi
    The Sci-Fi Channel officially announced that it would produce 13 episodes of former Star Trek producer Ron Moore's reconceptualized Battlestar Galactica, following a successful miniseries in December.

  • 'Voyager' Salutes Space Program
    Star Trek: Voyager cast members planned to honour the achievements of NASA's space program at a special promotional event to celebrate the release of the show's first-season DVD set at the California Science Centre, presenting "A Voyager Award" to NASA and a commemorative DVD to Pasadena's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • UPN Exec: 'Enterprise' Could Be Off the Schedule
    Star Trek: Enterprise faced cancellation, according to an article on UPN's future plans quoting CBS and UPN chairman Leslie Moonves, who said, "You see the new stuff, you see the old stuff, and you compare and say, 'What is the better schedule?' So it's not like, 'Gee, if Enterprise is up 10 percent between now and May, it will get picked up.' It's rather - you know, it's not a science, but it's, 'All right. How do we build Wednesday better?' 'Does it include Enterprise?'"

More news can be found in the archives.

Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

Now that UPN and the WB will become one network, think of the crossovers! If there is a new Star Trek series, who should make a guest appearance?
Let's just see if the new network lasts a year! 41.5% - (450 Votes)
Anything, so long as we get a new Trek show on the CW 36.4% - (395 Votes)
Clark Kent aka Superman 6.6% - (72 Votes)
One of those hot 'Charmed' witches 6.4% - (70 Votes)
Lorelai Gilmore 4.5% - (49 Votes)
Naomi Wildman...that is, Reba's daughter Kyra 3.6% - (39 Votes)
Sam from 'Supernatural' 0.7% - (8 Votes)

Total Votes: 1083

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Happy Birthday!

Valentine's Day, February 14th, is the birthday of Andrew Robinson, who plays Garak on Deep Space Nine. Thursday, February 16th is the birthday of LeVar Burton, who plays Geordi La Forge on The Next Generation. Both have also directed Star Trek episodes.

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