'United' Total Ratings Show Upward Trend

By Michelle
February 10, 2005 - 11:39 PM

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The final ratings have been released for Star Trek: Enterprise's "United", revealing that last week's episode was watched by more viewers than any episode since "Daedalus."

Cyrus reported at the TrekBBS that Variety had estimated 2.81 million viewers watched "United." This is down from the 3.03 million who watched "Daedalus" in January, but up from the first part of the current Romulan trilogy, "Babel One," which had 2.53 million viewers.

For those following the ratings on Sci-Fi, Battlestar Galactica reported 3.2 million viewers for the Friday night showing and a total audience of 4 million. In direct competition with Enterprise at 8 p.m., Stargate SG-1 brought in 2.5 million viewers, according to The Futon Critic.

"United" still has a smaller audience than any of the new episodes from the fall season.

The original post is at the TrekBBS, along with discussion of ratings trends over the course of the season.

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