Online Critics Look At 'Shadows Of P'Jem'

By Lisa
February 11, 2002 - 2:49 AM

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Better, but not quite great- that seems to be the message from online reviewers about the last Enterprise episode, 'Shadows of P'Jem'.

Below is a selection of the best comments about the episode:

  • "I can sum this weeks episode of Enterprise up with one word. Boring. If the writers are going to trot out a 'the Vulcan's are jerks' episode every few weeks it going to get real old real fast, wrote Jacqueline Bundy for the Trekker Newsletter. She awarded the episode only 4 out of 10 in the full review, here at the Trekker Newsletter.

  • Starfleet Library's C.A. Voigts was glad to see "a return to normalcy - or at least a better overall episode," she wrote. "The overall plot moved well with information being given in a natural manner. It was not without its flaws; however. Let’s face it - did Archer's face really have to end up where it did in the second fall? For that matter, why did he and T'Pol have to fall at that particular point in time at all? It seemed a very sophomoric, needless attempt at humour that did not work at all."
    for the full review, in which the episode is awarded a rating of 3, follow this link.

  • There were a few things about the episode that confused Richard Whetterstone for First TV Drama. "Why would Forrest think removing T'Pol was bad news?" he wrote. "Nobody wanted her there to begin with. Just because Archer and gang warmed up to her on Enterprise, doesn't mean Forrest would have."
    The full review can be found by following this link.

  • "Much of the episode serves only to pound home what earlier, better installments have already made apparent: that T'Pol has grown invested in the Enterprise's mission and its crew," wrote Hercules for Aint It Cool News. "And while it’s hard to deny the fun of watching Jolene Blalock's lithe physique squirm against alien bonds, the scenes of T'Pol literally tied up with Archer really do at times skirt the realm of crude and jarringly inappropriate slapstick."
    In the complete analysis, Herc awarded the episode two and a half stars - just above a 'as horrible as most stuff on TV' rating.

  • Section31's Rob Adams agreed that the episode made use of too many cliché's.

    "Of course, there were problems with this episode. For one thing, it was rather cliché and predictable. Did anyone honestly believe that T'Pol was leaving for good? Of course not. The 'fun' of the episode is in finding how she will overcome the transfer. But there were far too many clues that showed what would happen in the end."

    For the full review, in which the episode is awarded an 8.5 out of 10 rating, follow this link.

  • "I guess 'Shadows of P'Jem' was reasonably good for what it was: I just wanted it to be a fair bit more," wrote Tim Lynch at PsiPhi. "[It] isn't really bad, but it smacks more of lost opportunities than of real progress. I'm hoping that the next 'Archer faces the consequences of his actions' involves more interesting ones."
    He awarded the episode 6.5 out of 10 in the full review, which is posted here at PsiPhi.

  • ScoopMe's CJ Carter agreed that the episode could have been much more than it was. " But on its own, there wasn't really a strong story holding anything together. There was a lot of smoke and mirrors, but very little of real advancement of story or character. An opportunity wasted."
    For the full lowdown on the episode, follow this link.

  • TrekWeb's O Deus preferred the episode to the last Andorian Enterprise episode, The Andorian Incident. "Unlike it, however, 'Shadows of P'Jem' is a more multi-dimensional episode that does a better job of showing some of the complex political undercurrents in the situation." For the full analysis, follow this link to TrekWeb.

  • Michael Hinman at SyFy Portal enjoyed the episode. "'Shadows of P'Jem' had every opportunity to be a stinker, like last week's 'Sleeping Dogs,' but it ended up being a very enjoyable episode. Yes, once again, an urgent mission remains an urgent mission throughout the episode, and there was enough humour and conflict to make any Star Trek fan happy," he wrote.
    For the full review, head over to SyFyPortal.

  • The episode gained a 'Warp 3' rating from Trek5. Captain Mac was uncomfortable with the way Vulcans were portrayed in the episode. "We’re again shown a side of Vulcans, which leaves us uncomfortable. In previous movies and series we have been led to believe that: Vulcans don't lie. Vulcans are pacifists.Those assumptions have never been carved in stone, but it is bothersome to see T'Pol lie so adeptly and the Vulcan captain having a shoot first and ask questions later attitude."
    For the full review, follow this link.

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