Montgomery To Play Celebrity Basketball Today

By Caillan
February 10, 2002 - 10:44 AM

Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather) will swap his Enterprise jumpsuit for sports kit to play in a celebrity basketball match today.

The Hollywood Knights will play an exhibition match as a lead up to the Harlem Globetrotters game in Los Angeles, according to a press release at Montgomery's official web site.

Enterprise's helmsman will be joined by celebrities such as Passions stars James Hyde and Jesse Metcalfe. Their opponents include Gilmore Girls's Jared Padalecki and James Lafferty from Once and Again.

The celebrity game will tip-off at 2:00pm at the Los Angeles STAPLES Centre today, with the main Harlem Globetrotters match starting at 3:00pm.

Full details are available in the original press release.

Montgomery and fellow Enterprise star Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed) recently took the time to communicate with fans at their official web sites.

"I just wanted to thank everyone that's taken the time to join my extended family and post to my message board," Montgomery wrote. "Thank-you for your continued enthusiasm and support of my Travis, my career, and the Star Trek franchise."

The actor also had good news for fans eager to see more of Enterprise's resident space boomer. "Many have wondered why Travis hasn't been featured more and why more of Travis hasn't been featured. ;) It's because he's too busy flying the ship to get into other mischief or need decontamination. I'm happy to say, the episode we're shooting now features Travis heavily. I hope you like it when it airs."

Keating thanked visitors for their comments on 'Sleeping Dogs' and his long-awaited appearance in the decontamination chamber. "I really liked the episode too and thought I managed to hold my own in the decon scene! Now that's what I call drama! I particularly liked the fact that Hoshi and Reed get Starfleet regulation issue skivvies while T'Pol has hers sent to the ship direct from Victoria's 'Vulcan' Secret!! It's all just a bit of fun."

The complete messages can be found at and Dominic

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