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Picardo On 'Stargate Atlantis' and 'Star Trek'

By T'Bonz
January 10, 2009 - 5:16 AM

Robert Picardo is satisfied with the arc that his character Woolsey took in this season of Stargate Atlantis.

As reported by, Picardo hasn't forgotten his Star Trek: Voyager days. He suggested a reference to Star Trek: The Experience be dropped into the Stargate Atlantis: Vegas episode. "I sold that little bill of goods to [executive producer] Robert Cooper," explained Picardo. "He thought it was funny. We shot it and he put it in. It is one of those things I love about 'Stargate.' Not only do they not take themselves too seriously, but they are quite irreverent at times. I thought to make a reference to the other franchise simply because the show was set in Vegas was real tribute to their rogue soul."

Picardo became a regular on Stargate Atlantis this season, with his character Richard Woolsey becoming the leader of the Atlantis expedition. Picardo credits the writers and producers with making the changes in Woolsey believable. "...They had the outline for Woolsey's transformation from a briefing room guy with bad people skills into a very credible leader who trusts his principles," he said. "I think he grew most impressively in his ability to listen and to make judgments simply by the rule book. I think it was a good arc as a leader and a person and I am happy with it. I think it was done in very quick moments where we established he had a bit of a sense of humor. I think we got some of the audiences sympathy with the fish out of water elements. 'I am here to run the expedition but don't quite to know how to use the briefing room door.'"

What does the future hold for Woolsey? "...You can expect to see him in the DVD movie," said Picardo. "I am confident of that and Woolsey will be in command. I have been told it is definitely happening and will shoot in the first half of next year. And also there will probably be guest star opportunities in the new show [Stargate Universe]. Let's put it this way, it seems likelier I will be doing more 'Stargate' than more 'Star Trek.'"

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