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Forbes Discusses BSG, DS9, and Wanting Variety

By Michelle
January 10, 2006 - 7:56 PM

Michelle Forbes almost didn't accept a role on Battlestar Galactica for the same reason she turned one down on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: "It was, again, about wanting variety in my career."

Speaking to TV Zone (via The Great Link). Forbes said that she was very impressed by recent BSG episode "Resurrection Ship" when she saw it, calling it "a fine example of sophisticated storytelling and I was thoroughly impressed when I watched my copy of the episode."

But as for her own character Admiral Cain, Forbes noted, "She's lost perspective. People ask, 'Is she insane? Is she psychotic?' I hope that's not how she came across because that was never the intention. I think some individuals can appear to be that way, but this is a woman who did what she had to do in order to survive during some very brutal conflicts. Along the way, Cain lost her sense of judgement as well as her sense of reason and rationale."

Forbes explained that it was interesting for her to play a character of such complexity, which she finds rare on television. "It was neat to have such a difficult, fascinating woman to play," she said, adding, "I tend to play a lot of authoritative, strong women, so initially this simply wasnít something I wanted to do. God bless them, through, for being so pursuant of me." The BSG producers sent her videotapes of the series to recruit her, and now Forbes "shudder[s] to think I almost lost out on working with those wonderful people and on such a powerful story."

She objects to rumours that suggest she turned down a role as a regular cast member on Deep Space Nine based on ego issues, saying that she did not want to be tied down for so many years. "If Iíd gone on to do DS9 I might not have had the variety Iíve been lucky to have in my career," she said. "Thatís not to say I wasnít grateful for the opportunity; I genuinely was. However, I had to make a choice that felt right for me, which was a difficult one."

The full interview is in issue #198 of TV Zone. These excerpts are from The Great Link.

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