'Human Error' and 'Workforce' News

By Amy
January 10, 2001 - 9:09 AM

At a recent convention in Orlando, Robert Picardo (the Doctor) apparently dropped something of a spoiler bombshell about the upcoming episode, 'Human Error'. He told attendees that in the episode, which will see Seven of Nine start experimenting with her sexuality, that as part of the experiment, the former Borg drone will kiss a holographic representation of Chakotay. Picardo, understandably, was disappointed that his character wasn't chosen.

Meanwhile, it seems that the two-part episode, 'Workforce', may see the return of the ECH, or the appearance of the Doctor in a command role – the official site has listed 'Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy', the season 6 episode which sees the Doctor's fantasy life become reality, as a related episode under the synopsis, with the caption, 'The Doctor initiates Emergency Command Hologram'.

Since, knowing the actor's sense of humor, it's generally a good idea to take anything Robert Picardo says with a grain of salt, please remember that neither of these rumors have been confirmed and treat them as such.

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