Detailed New 'Star Trek XI" Trailer Details Emerge

By T'Bonz
November 9, 2008 - 7:12 PM

The new Star Trek XI trailer isn't due to release until next Friday, but details of what's in it have already hit the Internet.

As reported by Ain't It Cool News, a person calling himself "Jack the Tipper," who works for Paramount, claims to have seen the new Star Trek XI trailer. He shared details with eager fans.

Several scenes were detailed, including the opening one with an adolescent James T. Kirk, who appears to be joyriding in an antique 1960s Corvette and running from the law. He narrowly avoids falling off of a cliff but the Corvette wasn't so fortunate.

Later, Kirk is seen when somewhat older. A voiceover of an adult male (his father perhaps?) tells him that "you never found yourself here. You never fit in," and "Maybe you were meant for something different, something bigger."

The scene shifts to Spock. He is seen first being held as a baby, and then he is a bit older, walking around in a Vulcan robe as a toddler. Next, he is a young adult in his twenties, on a ship and angry with a young James T. Kirk for some reason, to the point when he tries to stab Kirk.

Other bits show space ships firing at each other, with a voice over (with a Scottish accent,) saying, "I'm having fun!" And a close up of a glowering Dr. McCoy is next, where he says, "Space isn't supposed to be fun. It's aliens and phasers and death!"

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