Rachel Nichols Gives First Trek Interview

By Bonnie
November 9, 2007 - 3:36 PM

Actress Rachel Nichols this week seemed to confirm she will be in the new Star Trek film.

Explaining her reticence regarding her future role in the film, Nichols said,"I'm very restricted on what I'm allowed to say," she said, speaking to the Toronto Sun. “But yes, there's a good chance you'll see my shining face in the new Star Trek. My mom even e-mailed me about it because she saw it [online] and I hadn't told her yet. There's a lot of buzz about it, but honestly, I don't even know the name of my character."

It was reported last week that she might be cast in the film, possibly playing the role of Yeoman Rand or Nurse Chapel.

Having previously worked with J.J. Abrams on Alias, Nichols has nothing but praise for the director of the newest Star Trek film. "J.J.'s one of the most generous people I've ever met. He's very, very loyal."

Nichols's comments were part of an interview to promote her current project, the horror thriller P2. She will star as a hard-working executive who is kidnapped and terrorized by a psychotic parking-garage attendant. But first, she had to get past some issues with her costume for the movie.

"In the first incarnation of the script she wakes up (after being drugged by Bentley's character) in a negligee, which meant no bra and no underwear, and then she gets wet, and I was like, 'Come on guys, I can't be running around naked for six weeks.' So we negotiated to find a dress."

For more of the interview, head over to the full article in the Toronto Sun.

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