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By Christian
November 9, 2000 - 11:37 PM

Hello World!

Well, the US elections are still keeping me tied to both CNN and the internet, and with the way things are going now, I expect that to continue for at least the next week or so. I'm of course still rooting for Gore to win, especially after here in Utrecht the party I myself support (also named the Democrats, coinicidentally) was almost completely decimated during the local elections on Wednesday, so an Al Gore victory would help at least a bit to lift my political spirits.

Meanwhile, the one person who impressed me most today was Pat Buchanan, who on national TV admitted that most of those votes he'd received in Palm Beach County probably weren't intended to go to him. Of course, I know about his conflicts with the Republicans which may have also motivated him to make that statement, but I still thought it showed a lot of personal integrity that he'd so willingly admit those votes should have gone to one of his opponents.

But of course, all of this may not matter much, and there might soon be a completely unexpected person taking over the position of US President ;). I

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