Two New 'Galaxy Ball' Reports

By Amy
November 9, 2000 - 3:41 PM

  • Delta Story's Trekker Treats, a site run by one of the two makers of the "Starry Night in the Delta Quadrant" quilt, has been updated with a lengthy Galaxy Ball report, including a number pictures and several video clips, including one of the four Voyager boys doing their 'River Dance' impression and clips of several of the guest performing thoughout the evening.

    2. Second Course
    The warm up team concluded their hour and a half, giving way to the Men of Voyager. (Well, at this point it was to be Garrett and the Three Roberts; Tim Russ and Ethan Phillips joined them later at the Ball itself.) Beltran (RB) came on stage alone, explaining that McNeill (RDM) was upstairs; Picardo (RP) was five minutes away; and that Wang (GT) had to catch a plane from Vegas [loud uproarious laughter], but would be there shortly.

    RP showed up next, as RB was looking for enough mikes, stools and his ever-present water. He and RP "fixed up" a water glass for RDM by spitting into a cup… oh, yeah; this was shaping up to be a very mature affair! Small talk ensued, with RP revealing that RDM has 363 chest hairs… er, make that 360 now; he donated three to an auction that CARPE had.

    RDM comes in, looking absolutely knockdown gorgeous, in a light blue sweater and khaki chinos. (Can you tell this was the first time I'd seen him in person?) However, when he started to talk, you wondered if he was going to make it through the talk session, much less the rest of the day – he had a real bummer of a cold! RB said that he'd promised to sing that night – at the first Ball, he was supposed to and got sick; last year, there was another "excuse" (ha,ha!) but this year… he wasn't going to get off the hook. RDM promises that he will.

    For the full report, please click here, while you can find out who won the "Starry Night in the Delta Quadrant" raffle by clicking here.

  • Over at Eon, Maya Ortega has posted the second and final part of her Galaxy Ball report, including a number of photos taken by Albert L. Ortega.

    While the guests dined, The Neil Norman Cosmic Orchestra was to play some dinner music. Instead there seemed to be a change in plans as Tim Russ, who was to perform later in the evening, kicked off the festivities in grand style. Once Tim hit the first chord of his guitar, all eyes turned to center stage as the fans went "Japanese" with their cameras. The one thing I found funny was that everyone seem to stay at the edge of the dance floor to snap pictures. Being married to a professional photographer I've learned a few things, first off - don't be afraid to get closer, they're not going to bite, Second - a photo tip for those with point and shoot cameras that have tiny little flashes; the farther away you are from your subject the less lit the picture will be and sometimes red eye occurs. This ends the Photo 101 tip of the day! But as the night progressed they got bolder and stood right at the foot of the stage almost knocking down my hubby, taking "snappies" for their memory books back home.

    Robert urged waiters to stop serving while the main course was being consumed, which looked like Cornish hens with a rice pilaf and veggies; in order to hear two Down Syndrome actors do a scene from William Shakespeare's ROMEO AND JULIET. The role of Juliet was performed by Andrea Fay Friedman who you might have seen on the TV show LIFE GOES ON, and the role of Romeo was played by Luke Zimmeran, the first student with DS to be mainstreamed into Beverly Hills Unified School District. The scene performed was the all too familiar one that takes place on the balcony of Juliet's home. The two thespians did a formidable performance to the tune of a pleasing audience.

    Again, for the full report, please click here and visit Eon Magazine.

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