Bakula Regrets Being 'Forced To Work With UPN'

By Michelle
October 9, 2005 - 3:00 PM

Scott Bakula (Archer) blamed the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise on television politics yet again, saying the producers were "forced to work with UPN."

Speaking to the German magazine Space View (via TrekWeb), Bakula said that the cancellation "definitely wasn't because there are not enough fans anymore." He believes that had the series been on another network, there would have been talk of a fifth season, "but we were at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong politics. There are so many people who supported us, but those people were not at Paramount anymore."

The actor said he hoped that Enterprise would become a big hit on DVD, "so that all critics will see and realize what they let go." He believes the series will still be watched twenty years from now while "all those series now airing on UPN won't be's the nature of the genre!"

Labeling himself a fan of the original Star Trek, Bakula said he enjoyed sharing the work on Enterprise in a way he could not do on the two-star series Quantum Leap. "During the shooting of the Enterprise pilot, I had more free time than on four and a half seasons of Quantum Leap," he said.

The full interview is in Space View. Thanks to TrekWeb for the translation.

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