'Minefield' Ratings Show Welcome Upturn

By Lisa
October 10, 2002 - 2:31 AM

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Final ratings for last week's 'Minefield' are in - and they show a welcome boost for the show.

'Minefield' was seen by 5.2 million viewers last Wednesday, according to figures published by USA Today, via TrekWeb.

This translated into a rating of 3.5 and a share of 6. In other words, 3.5 percent of households in America with TV sets saw the episode, and 6% of households watching television at the time had their sets tuned in to the Star Trek show.

This rating is the highest scored by the show since 'Shadows of P'Jem' in February this year scored a 3.8. 'Minefield' was the highest rated UPN show last week - ahead of Buffy the Vampire Slayer which grabbed a 3.1 rating and a share of 5.

This upturn in Enterprise ratings couldn't have come at a more welcome time for UPN. According to a new article at the NY Daily News, the network could be in trouble with its advertisers.

Ratings in UPN's target demographic of 18-34 year old males are down as much at 30% on this time last year; leading advertising executive Michael Drexler to comment "Their target audience is getting clobbered." If such trends continue, the network would have to give away free space on its airtime to meet its commitment to advertisers.

But executives at UPN remained confident. "We are a little disappointed," said Joe Abruzzese, the UPN sales boss. "It's very, very early in the season."

More detail can be found by following this link to the NY Daily News. Thanks go out to Donna Dickenson for this news!

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