'Critical Care' Video Clip

By Amy
October 9, 2000 - 9:16 AM

UPN 9 News in NYC featured two stories on Voyager Wednesday night, one of which was a look at Season Seven and features interviews with various members of the cast and clips from the upcoming episode "Critical Care." P/K All the Way managed to capture and digitize the clip, the transcript of which can be found below.

Host: The Voyager writers are in a romantic mood. Expect a major development between two crew members - even Jeri Ryan's Seven of Nine will be love-struck. The Maqui will make a comeback and you have not seen the last of the Borg.

{{cut to clip – U0 shots}}

Host (Voice-over): The season premiere picked up where the may cliffhanger left off with a borgified Captain, Tuvok and B'Elanna Torres

Roxanne Dawson: It's sorta fun to be ah, all those mechanical things all over me and the blinking lights, and it was a lot of fun to get out of it to. You've got rubber on rubber, you've got all of this (gestures to forehead), then you've got more rubber, it's like 'how much rubber you gonna put on me?

Host: How does you skin breathe with all of that?

Dawson: It doesn't. It... it doesn't.

{{cut to clip}}

Janeway: my first officer has orders to delete the Doctor's program if you go anywhere near Voyager.

Host (voice-over): Kate Mulgrew admits that just once she would like to change places with the Borg Queen.

Kate Mulgrew (in uniform on bridge): The whole MTV thing is going on. I would love to play her, how funny you should ask that. I thought about it several times. I'll never get a chance to do it though.

{{Cut to clip - U0 Seven & Axum}}

Seven: We've wasted our time together.

Axum: No. We didn't. There is a chance to fall in love again.

Host (voice-over): If the writers know where Seven's love life is headed, they are certainly not telling her.

Ryan (voice-over): I don't know. I don't know what they.. They're pretty tight-lipped about what they have planned, even with us. When you see Seven coming to terms with the fact that she's had a romance, and she still has feelings for this man… So it's fun 'cause it's Seven's first real romance.

{{cut to clip – 'Critical Care' set}}

Crew: Quiet! Ready to continue rehearsing.

Unknown: He's dying!

Doctor: As soon as the {tytoglothin?] get here we'll be able to treat all the level red patients, including him.

Robert Picardo (in uniform on 'Critical Care' set): The fourth episode is called 'Critical Care' and, ah, the Doctor is, abducted by an alien HMO. It's absolutely the truth. I am, I am abducted by a, ah, an alien HMO that's on a spaceship in orbit around a planet that's had all sorts of disasters. And, ah, the way that this alien HMO operates – and it's not unlike other ones I've heard of – is that they give medical care to based on the, ah, how should I say this, the 'social worth' of the individual.

{{Cut to clip}}

Host (voice-over): Behind the scenes the Voyager cast is know for being close-knit and comical, and this season they have more opinions than ever.

Robert Picardo (voice-over/Critical Care' set): No-one is in any kind of danger of losing their job so that I think people are a lot, ah, a lot more honest and straight-forward about any aspect of the production, so that you will hear people complaining freely (laughs) where they might have sat on it.

{{cut to clip}}

Janeway: I don't compromise with the Borg.

Host: Next weeks episode is entitled 'Imperfection' and centers on Seven of Nine. When her life is on the line, Seven turns down the man who comes to her rescue. I'm Pat Colins, UPN9 news.

The clip can be found here at P/K All the Way. I don't actually have the name of the person who sent this in, but thanks go out to them anyway!

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