Takei, de Lancie In Sci Fi Thriller

By Michelle
September 9, 2004 - 11:53 PM

Original series veteran George Takei (Sulu) has revealed that he and another Star Trek alumni, John de Lancie (Q), appear together in an upcoming science fiction film that he describes as "a political SF thriller."

Speaking to Sci Fi Wire, Takei explained that in Patient 14, people with head injuries are afflicted by a strange anomaly which his character, Dr. Reese Tsai, and de Lancie's character, Dr. Gene Kramer, are researching. As the victims recover, said Takei, "they develop the ability to hear what other people around them are thinking, and it drives most of them crazy, because they hear everyone around and can't cope with all of those voices going through their minds."

Kramer and Tsai are attempting to teach some of the victims to focus on the thoughts of single individuals. As Takei described, "It's like tuning in one radio station and tuning out others." The work comes to the attention of a government intelligence agency, and "things start happening to our research team members, horrific things."

Though production was completed early this year, first-time director Andrew Bakalar is still seeking a distributor for the independent film. In addition to Takei and de Lancie, the film features Costas Mandylor, Star Trek: Enterprise guest star Tucker Smallwood and Star Trek: Voyager guest star Iona Morris.

A complete cast list is at the IMDb. The original item is at Sci Fi Wire.

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