MACO Actress Gets Swanky

By Michelle
September 9, 2003 - 1:52 PM

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"Look low, come in high, always make yourself a different type of target," said actress Julia Rose of her strategy for fighting Xindi as a Military Assault Command Operation officer on Enterprise this season.

"I'm supposed to be a tough, Navy SEAL chick," said the actress who plays MACO McKenzie to Greenwich Time in her hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut. Rose is expected to make her first appearance in the season's second episode, "Anomaly", on September 17th.

In character, Rose will will wear her hair "parted on the side and slicked back into a funky little bun," she said; "I'm a tough girl, gotta keep the hair off the face."

She also wears a spacesuit labeled "Swank" inside. "At first I thought, 'Nice, I got the swanky one'", but later she learned that the suit had been worn by Hilary Swank in the film The Core.

Paramount's Melissa Gieringer said that generally about 40 people are called in to audition after being selected from thousands of head shots, and Rose expressed pride in having been approved by casting director Ron Surma.

Among her tasks thus far have been envisioning floating corpses not yet added by special effects teams and "shooting" at stuntmen flying by on wires to give the actors something to aim at.

Rose called working with Scott Bakula a highlight of her experience on the show, for she had watched Quantum Leap and considered him "the dad on set" of Enterprise.

To learn more about Rose, the full article may be found at Greenwich Time. Thanks to TrekWeb for the heads-up.

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