Bakula: 'Enterprise' Firmly in Trek Tradition

By Michelle
September 9, 2003 - 1:34 PM

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"It's kind of the history of Star Trek to take issues and situations of today and enact them in the future," said Scott Bakula (Captain Archer), discussing tomorrow night's season premiere of Enterprise.

The show will be "markedly different in terms of its style and energy and sense of purpose," the actor said in an interview at The Los Angeles Daily News.

The gossip column at the paper notes that Enterprise "is sounding more and more like a sci-fied-up version of the nightmare that's been happening on the real planet Earth over the past two years."

"In the episode we're shooting now," said Bakula, "we have discovered a case where the Xindi are contributing chemicals to weapons being built for Earth's destruction."

"You can bring the parallels to the Middle East," he noted.

Asked whether he believes that Enterprise will become the focus of a new set of Star Trek feature films, Bakula stated that "a film isn't even on the horizon" but was very positive about the show's future: "It's been very well received around the world."

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