Gaming Bullets

By Christian
September 9, 2000 - 4:25 PM

  • The October issue of PC Gamer includes several major articles. In the first place, there's a cover feature on 'Bridge Commander', while 'Away Team' is also previewed. The multiplayer-game 'ConQuest Online' is awarded 35% in their review, and the 'Voyager: Elite Force' demo is on the cover CD.

  • CGO is reporting that a patch for Interplay's 'Klingon Academy', bringing it to version 1.02, should be coming out soon.

  • The Daily Radar has a preview of 'Star Trek: Away Team', including an interview with writer and designer Eric Dallaire. In the interview, he reveals that Michael Dorn (Worf) and Brent Spiner (Data) will be appearing in the game.

  • Joshua Morris, designer of Taldren's 'Starfleet Command II', is interviewed on GameSpot.

  • Robert Mayer at Computer Games Online has posted his first impressions of 'Voyager: Elite Force', saying that the solo game "looks pretty engaging".

  • Marc Saltzman at the Daily Radar has written a review of 'Star Trek: New Worlds', calling it a dud, and saying that it's "close to being a very good game but is buried below a number of extremely annoying shortcomings."

  • Tristinian and Topher at Head to Head have also posted their review of the game, awarding it ratings of 48% and 60%, respectively.

  • And in a bit of positive news about the game, Interplay have put up two new webisodes, furthering the game's backstory.

  • Thanks go out to Blue's News, Evil Avatar and Section 31 for some of these items!

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