Westmore Talks Trek X Make-Up

By Lisa
August 10, 2002 - 12:22 AM

Make-up supervisor for 'Star Trek: Nemesis' Michael Westmore gave his thoughts on the movie last weekend.

"It's got that pace, it just throws you into it," Westmore told the audience at the 'Real Deal' Convention in Las Vegas, as reported by StarTrek.com. "It's going to blow your mind!"

The veteran Trek make-up designer went on to talk about some of his creations for the movie. "For the Remans, it was the first time we experimented with gelatin, the light shows behind and through their ears, creating a very eerie look. We put wires in the ears to make them look like veins," he explained.

The movie's central villain, Shinzon, also needed some help from prosthetics to appear to resemble Jean-Luc Picard. "[He wore] a Patrick Stewart chin, nose and teeth," Westmore explained. "We took a cast of Patrick's teeth."

Westmore also works as make-up designer and supervisor on Enterprise, and he named the race he'd most like to work on for the series. "I'm really hoping for Tellarites, there have been references in scripts and I'd really like to take a crack at them," he said.

More from Michael Westmore, including a photograph of him with some of his creations, can be found in the complete report into day four of the convention here at StarTrek.com.

Fans eager to get their hands on a part of the movie don't have to look far at the moment, as another prop has made its way onto an online auction.

An auction for a genuine Romulan Senator pin as seen in the movie is currently listed on eBay. The current asking price is nearly $44, but the reserve price has not yet been met.

The pin is in the shape of a hawk holding two orbs in its talons - the 'Nemesis' logo that's becoming a familiar sight on the movie's promotional material. Images of the pin, including an image of how it was worn in the film, can be found at the auction listing.

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