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By Caillan
July 9, 2003 - 11:12 AM

  • Star Trek: Nemesis will be available to rent and buy in the United Kingdom from August 11. The complete press release is available at the Region 2 Project.

  • James Doohan (Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott) will be profiled in an upcoming documentary called Actors in War. As the title suggests, the project features interviews with thespians who served in the military. Further information is available at Weggee Productions. Thanks to TrekWebfor this!

  • Sci-Fi Pulse has posted some excerpts from a SFX magazine interview in which Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) talks about his role of Professor Xavier in X-Men.

  • Photos of Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) at the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere are up at the Scott Bakula Fan Forum. Thanks to 'Miri' for this!

  • Nilanjana S. Roy at Business Standard has published an article looking at fan fiction set in the universe of Star Trek and other genre offerings.

  • The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that a local resident is raising funds for a bionic eye, which reportedly functions in a similar manner to Geordi's VISOR. Thanks to David M. Klaus for this!

  • A 12-page recap of the original Trek's "Space Seed" has been posted at Television Without Pity. "You know it's summer when Keckler gets over her Enterprise bitchui, waits an hour, and dips her polished toes into the Kirkinated waters of TOS," wrote reviewer 'Keckler', who awarded the episode a B plus.

  • The Fancomix science fiction convention will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from July 9 to 23. Further information can be found here. Thanks to 'Gul Darheel' of for this!

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